my jewelry wishlist

ciao! It's been a hot second since my last fashion related post! Like many others, I've been "window shopping" and browsing around the internet...especially jewelry. I think that we can use it to express ourselves and accessorize, especially during this time where a mask is now apart of our everyday carry. Today, I'm going to … Continue reading my jewelry wishlist

Christmas Wishlist/Gift Guide

Hello everyone! Here's my wish list for this upcoming holiday season! I just love shopping and getting gifts as well as giving gifts to others! All photos courtesy of the internet and whatever sites... ‚≠źCombat Boots I've started wanting these quite recently. And then a character in a book I was reading (Sadie Kane from … Continue reading Christmas Wishlist/Gift Guide

Fall Outfits I Love

Hello there! It's another edition of seasonal outfits! Check out my summer post here. Fall is a great season! I can finally begin wearing jackets and sweaters and more layers. It screams plaid, mustard, grey, and COZINESS. Let's get started! Outfit # 1 Oversized grey long sleeve from Gap Skinny jeans from Gap Black and … Continue reading Fall Outfits I Love

Autumn Lettering (Collab with Em)

Hello there folks! Today, I've got something special planned! The lovely Em at Em in the Sun and I are sharing a few selections of our autumn lettering! *rubs hands excitedly* I'm so excited! Let's begin! Isn't this so pretty? It's a montage of things that make up autumn for me: wind, leaves, and rain. … Continue reading Autumn Lettering (Collab with Em)

Summer Outfits I’ve Been Loving

Happy August 29th! Summer is almost officially gone! Before it actually goes, I'll share some of my favorite summer outfits. Shall we, fellow fashion connoisseurs? Outfit #1 Felina white (or black) skinny tank Gold necklace with "G" pendant Acid wash mom jeans from American Eagle (these are so comfortable) This outfit is *retro* and would … Continue reading Summer Outfits I’ve Been Loving

Adidas Advantage Cloudfoam Sneakers

Hello folks! Getting ready to stock up on a summer wardrobe or need a new pair of trendy sneakers? Look no more! I'm here to recommend a pair of Adidas Advantage Cloudfoam sneakers in black and white. Stats: I purchased a women's size 7. I'm normally a 6.5 to 7. (run smallish, might want to … Continue reading Adidas Advantage Cloudfoam Sneakers

What’s your style?

Hiya! Let's tackle a big question today: What's your style? Do you often follow trends? Do you love being preppy? Do you have no idea? I'll describe some basic "schools" of style below! Let's get started, shall we? Preppy Bright colors are your thing. You prefer to dress not quite formally but not too casual. … Continue reading What’s your style?