Autumn Lettering (Collab with Em)

Hello there folks!

Today, I’ve got something special planned! The lovely Em at Em in the Sun and I are sharing a few selections of our autumn lettering! *rubs hands excitedly* I’m so excited!

Let’s begin!


Isn’t this so pretty? It’s a montage of things that make up autumn for me: wind, leaves, and rain. I used watercolors and water brushes.


These are lyrics from Willow City’s song Rise of the Sun! Check it out! I’ve been listening to a lot of their songs recently. Their debut album was released in spring 2018. This piece was made with black Micron Pigma 005, 01, 02, 08 pens.


I’m loving this one! It depicts a girl with a short brown curly bob dressed in a fuschia turtleneck and wide leg pants. The words I’ve lettered list all the characteristics of a girl I want to be.


Isn’t this adorable? It’s a little girl dressed in a very twirl-worthy dress.

Check out Em’s post here!

Let’s chat in the comments!

Which one did you like best? Do you like pen or watercolor better? Have you checked out Em’s pretty blog?

gaby watercolor 3

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