Fall Outfits I Love

Hello there!

It’s another edition of seasonal outfits! Check out my summer post here. Fall is a great season! I can finally begin wearing jackets and sweaters and more layers. It screams plaid, mustard, grey, and COZINESS.

Let’s get started!


Outfit # 1

  • Oversized grey long sleeve from Gap
  • Skinny jeans from Gap
  • Black and white Adidas Sneakers
  • This is effortlessly chic and casual. I love the shirt since it’s so soft and big.


Outfit # 2

  • Mustard striped long sleeve shirt from Gap
  • oversized Vintage denim overalls from Old Navy
  • Lucky Brand taupe booties
  • Cowgirl time! All I need is a hat now…
  • Overalls are very comfortable and have so many pockets to keep things.


Outfit # 3

  • Abercrombie and Fitch mustard flannel shirt
  • Celebrity Pink high waist black skinny jeans
  • beige Converse low-tops
  • I love this since it’s comfortable and warm. I can walk long distances with my converse and not worry about getting messy or tired.

Which one did you like best? Do you prefer boots or booties?

Let’s chat!

gaby watercolor 3

14 thoughts on “Fall Outfits I Love

  1. Ooh I love those fall styles!!! I recently got a pair of combat boots and I love wearing my Converse! I like the second outfit best, but all of them are super cute.

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