november summary

Welcome to my November Summary! November passed by like the wind. At least it seemed like it did. I took a few days off from school and work to enjoy my Thanksgiving holiday with my family. It was truly wonderful to rest from school and work before finals and take a breather. I hope you … Continue reading november summary

october summary

Welcome to my October Summary! Yes, I know we're more than two weeks into November.Thankfully, there were significantly fewer wildfires nearby, thus, less smoke and healthier air! I spent most of the month working outside on our porch and soaking in the sunshine while plowing through precalculus homework or reading my marine biology textbook. I … Continue reading october summary

september summary

Welcome to my September summary!This month has been crazy, but also very fulfilling in a way. For one thing, the wildfires here in California completely polluted the air with the smoke for a solid two weeks and now the smoke is coming back again. It really limits how much I can get outdoors and take … Continue reading september summary

November Recap

Hello Folks! Here's a recap of November! Posts ( Check out these 4 great posts, including a collab with the lovely Em!) Autumn Lettering (Collab with Em) Fall Outfits I Love October Recap Bullet Journal: November Set Up Memorable Events It rained. Actually rained. It was rainy and gloomy and gray. Ludi (Junior Classical League … Continue reading November Recap

October Recap

Hello Folks! Here's a recap of October! Posts ( Check out these 5 great posts, including a collab with the lovely Em!) A Trip to the Ark Encounter My Favorite Podcasts Bullet Journal: October Set Up Autumn Lettering (Collab with Em) Fall Outfits I Love Memorable Events I went to Calaveras State Park (it was … Continue reading October Recap

Fall Outfits I Love

Hello there! It's another edition of seasonal outfits! Check out my summer post here. Fall is a great season! I can finally begin wearing jackets and sweaters and more layers. It screams plaid, mustard, grey, and COZINESS. Let's get started! Outfit # 1 Oversized grey long sleeve from Gap Skinny jeans from Gap Black and … Continue reading Fall Outfits I Love

September Recap

Hello Folks! Here's a recap of September! Posts ( I posted 6 times) August Recap First Blog Anniversary: Taking a Second Look at My First Post A Trip to the Creation Museum Favorite Childhood Movies Tag Sailing in San Francisco Bay Bullet Journal: September Set Up Memorable Events Fall started on Sept. 21. I wore … Continue reading September Recap