a grey heart

Ciao darlings! This past spring, I had the snippet of an idea and well. . . it became something more than an abstract idea. It became a short story. Full of feeling, it may make you cry. I would grab a box of tissues and chocolates before you begin. Presenting for your reading enjoyment. . … Continue reading a grey heart

things to do in quarantine

Hello friends, It's such a sobering time. Everything is changing. Everyday events are disrupted. Try to see this period of self-isolation as a good thing (though, if you're homeschooler like me, you've probably had very minimal disruption with classes and this is your usual routine). Think about all the different projects that you've been putting … Continue reading things to do in quarantine

the meaning of music ft. my friends

Hello, lovelies! Music. I think it is a huge part of my life. I've also been pondering how music can perfectly capture what we're feeling or thinking to a T. I'm talking about that certain song which reminds you of a certain time and almost acts like a time machine. And I decided to get … Continue reading the meaning of music ft. my friends

my 2020 bullet journal setup

Oh, hello! I didn't notice you there. *raises sunglasses* Well, this post is overdue. But, I finally found a spare moment to take pictures of my bullet journal. If you'd like to see my bullet journal spreads right before this, check out this post. A few details before we get started. . . --I use … Continue reading my 2020 bullet journal setup

I’m Homeschooled, Not Unkultur#d | guest post by Owen G.

Hi friends! I've got a special treat for you! One of my friends has graciously agreed to do a guest post. He runs a Youtube channel, raises little dinos (his chickens), and. . .well, I'm going to let him introduce himself. ☼ Hi, I’m Owen Godbold, number five of eight children. I’ve been homeschooled K-12 … Continue reading I’m Homeschooled, Not Unkultur#d | guest post by Owen G.