five items on my bucket list

Hello there!

*pops out head* It has been a long while since I’ve been around here. I have been busy with classes, finals, and finishing my college year well. I’ve just finished and am excited to get back to blogging!

I’m sharing five different items on my bucket list. Some of them are travel-related and some of them are more like personal goals. Maybe you share some of the same items!

one. visit New Zealand

Hobbiton, via Unsplash.

Ever since I watched the Lord of the Rings movies, I have wanted to visit the set locations and Weta Workshop, the company that produced all the costumes, weapons, miniatures, et cetera for not only the LOTR and Hobbit films but many others. The scenery is amazing and even fantastical hehe. I’d also love to take one of the tours offered at Weta.

two. live in another city or country for a year

Paris, via Unsplash.

I would love to fully immerse myself in another culture and get out of my comfort zone and experience something different than the West Coast. Maybe learn another language or actually practice using my Chinese skills? Try living in a big city?

three. collaborate with a brand

A personal goal has always been to collaborate with one of my favorite brands and to step into a larger spotlight with my brand. How exciting would it be to see my designs as I’m shopping at, let’s say, Anthropologie?

four. go on a missions trip

The Great Commission in Matthew 28 calls Christians to go and make disciples of all the nations, to bring the good news to the ends of the earth. While I do not foresee myself with my limited view of the future becoming a missionary, I think it would be wonderful to step out of my comfort zone and minister to others.

five. go on an overlanding trip

I have been obsessed with the idea of overlanding for a few years now. Going off-grid, traveling by car, and camping sounds like an amazing way to explore different areas. I’m also very excited to hopefully modify my own truck in the future for longer trips!

I’d love to hear about your bucket list items! Leave me a comment below and let’s chat.

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