my year in books 2021

Hello! Another year has passed, and so has another year full of reading books! This past year, I set the goal of reading 52 books (one for every week of the year). I tracked my progress on Goodreads (you can follow me via the link on the sidebar!) and passed my goal by reading 56 … Continue reading my year in books 2021

autumn update + etsy sale!

Hello lovely readers! I hope you are all doing well! I wanted to give you all of an update. I am doing well in spite of the busyness of this fall. Busy with teaching, work, and my own coursework. I am loving the cooler weather in California and the lack of smoke and heat here … Continue reading autumn update + etsy sale!

summer summary

Hello, lovelies, I hope y'all are doing well wherever you are. As for myself, I recently started school again. While I'm excited about my classes and I believe that I have a good fall schedule, it still feels all too soon. Before I start talking about the fall semester and classes and all the rigor … Continue reading summer summary

Self-exploration through Mordor, Massachusetts, and the Mediterranean Sea

Hello lovelies, Today, I'm sharing a personal narrative I wrote for my AP English Lang class. I talk about the effect three dear books have had on my life. It was challenging, inspiring, and wonderful for me to share my experience as a reader. I hope you enjoy it! ✦ Angry voices struck the air. … Continue reading Self-exploration through Mordor, Massachusetts, and the Mediterranean Sea

five items on my bucket list

Hello there! *pops out head* It has been a long while since I've been around here. I have been busy with classes, finals, and finishing my college year well. I've just finished and am excited to get back to blogging! I'm sharing five different items on my bucket list. Some of them are travel-related and … Continue reading five items on my bucket list

launching my etsy shop

hi friends! Today, I have a very special announcement. My Etsy shop is now LIVE. Yes, I said LIVE. 🥳🥳🥳 Ever since I was a small child, I've always wanted to launch my own online shop. It is my dream to share my artwork and creative projects with an audience larger and more widespread than … Continue reading launching my etsy shop