summer summary

Hello, lovelies,

I hope y’all are doing well wherever you are. As for myself, I recently started school again. While I’m excited about my classes and I believe that I have a good fall schedule, it still feels all too soon.

Before I start talking about the fall semester and classes and all the rigor and busyness that comes with the school year, let me summarize the summer which flew past my eyes.

As usual, my summer began with gleeful excitement for the many weeks ahead filled with no deadlines or assignments. I savored the time to do absolutely nothing, to nap every day, and to spend my days reading.

Let me share two snapshots of my summer.

A week at the beach…

My family and I stayed in Watsonville, near Monterey. It was right on the beach and we spent lovely nights with a fire, gazing out at the setting sun. Most of the days were foggy and overcast, typical for the California coast in the summer, but we finally had a warm and sunny few days before we left.

A glorious sunset
Pfieffer State Park

A trip to the museum…

I chose to take one of my required classes over the summer to lessen my load for the fall. This class was art history, focusing on the 17th century to the 20th century. Thus, a long-awaited trip to the museum was in order (and a long research paper afterward, but I won’t bore you with those details!) With my family in tow, I headed to Legion of Honor, located in San Francisco. It was honestly strange to be driving into the city after almost two years.

A very foggy morning in San Francisco
Fairies in a Bird’s Nest by John Anster Fitzgerald (Isn’t the frame unique?)
A Cailebotte work and me
Neoclassical ruins

I hope you had an equally lovely and restful summer. What were your summer highlights? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to chat with you!

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