autumn update + etsy sale!

Hello lovely readers! I hope you are all doing well! I wanted to give you all of an update. I am doing well in spite of the busyness of this fall. Busy with teaching, work, and my own coursework. I am loving the cooler weather in California and the lack of smoke and heat here … Continue reading autumn update + etsy sale!

november summary

Welcome to my November Summary! November passed by like the wind. At least it seemed like it did. I took a few days off from school and work to enjoy my Thanksgiving holiday with my family. It was truly wonderful to rest from school and work before finals and take a breather. I hope you … Continue reading november summary

inktober 2020: day 16 to 31

hallo friends! We're on the final Inktober post! I really enjoyed this challenge on the whole and I think it was a good experience, forcing myself to draw for 31 days straight. If you haven't read my first post, be sure to check it out here. I talk about the pens, markers and sketchbook I … Continue reading inktober 2020: day 16 to 31


Happy thanksgiving to you and your family! As we celebrate today, I'm reminded of the history behind this holiday and the similarities that our current circumstances share with those of the Civil War. I recently read this article, which made me think... A few words on the context of Thanksgiving: George Washington declared a national … Continue reading thanksgiving

october summary

Welcome to my October Summary! Yes, I know we're more than two weeks into November.Thankfully, there were significantly fewer wildfires nearby, thus, less smoke and healthier air! I spent most of the month working outside on our porch and soaking in the sunshine while plowing through precalculus homework or reading my marine biology textbook. I … Continue reading october summary

inktober 2020: day 6 to 15

hallo friends! I'm finally posting this second round of Inktober posts! I've been so busy and a tiny bit behind with the sketches because of school and other things, but here we are. If you haven't read my first post, be sure to check it out here. I talk about the pens, markers and sketchbook … Continue reading inktober 2020: day 6 to 15

inktober 2020: day 1 to 5

hallo friends! Welcome to the first of my Inktober posts! This is my first year participating and I am so excited to be finally doing this. I heard about this some time ago in the blogosphere and was finally pushed to do this when I found out my digital illustration professor offered extra credit for … Continue reading inktober 2020: day 1 to 5

september summary

Welcome to my September summary!This month has been crazy, but also very fulfilling in a way. For one thing, the wildfires here in California completely polluted the air with the smoke for a solid two weeks and now the smoke is coming back again. It really limits how much I can get outdoors and take … Continue reading september summary