september summary

Welcome to my September summary!
This month has been crazy, but also very fulfilling in a way. For one thing, the wildfires here in California completely polluted the air with the smoke for a solid two weeks and now the smoke is coming back again. It really limits how much I can get outdoors and take walks before it gets too cold. While inside, I’ve started experimenting more with food and sketching more. I recently replaced my color pencil set with Prismacolor color pencils and THEY FEEL like BUTTER on the page.

I’m so excited to get into this fall season and enjoy chillier weather! whips out sweaters and woodsy scents Goodbye summer! You were restful, adventurous, crazy, and happy combined but I’m ready to see what autumn brings!


  • I’ve finally settled into a college routine after being off the entire summer! I’ve really enjoyed working out early in the morning and then starting school afterwards. Not only do I feel healthier, my mind is clearer.
  • New job! I started working as a teacher’s assistant in mid-September and it really brings me back to my own days in middle school xD.
  • I started reading a bajilion books but haven’t finished any of them yet. THEY WILL BE FINISHED BY THE END OF THE YEAR.
  • Beach day! I went to the beach when the air cleared and it was so lovely. I really missed the Pacific coast and the salty breeze.


  • On a late night whim, I decided to embroider my jean jacket. I ABSOLUTELY love how it turned out, especially as no one will have an identical jacket to me now. Aren’t the flowers gorgeous?
  • I’m taking a digital illustration class and I’ve been learning so much. Also, how cool is it that I get to do art for homework?
  • I’m planning to do Inktober for the first time ever and did a bit of research before October starts. Be on the lookout for inky themed posts! Are you planning to do Inktober?


  • FOOD
    • I’ve been cooking a lot more since I’m home all the time and recently have been craving a lot of Asian food. I recently made this Korean army stew which is so DELICIOUS.
    • Tonight You Belong to Me by Patience & Prudence – I think this is a 50s hit. It’s so quaint and sweet, almost like a reminder of COVID-19-free times LOL.
    • I’m finally reading Grit by Angela Duckworth. I’m almost halfway through and while, I knew most of the concepts going in, its been a thought-provoking journey reading to see how they all connect.
    • The Daily Poem (by the Circe Institute) – It is usually under 10 minutes and perfect for introducing some poetic rhythm in your day. I’ve been listening to this while I prepare my breakfast or I’m answering emails in the morning.

I hope you had a lovely September! This month was certainly memorable, but I’m excited to see what October has to offer. I’d love to hear about your month, so leave me a comment!

live creatively,


6 thoughts on “september summary

  1. Congratulations on your new job! That’s so amazing! September has been a really good month for me too as I’ve made sales and commissions! πŸ™ˆπŸ’— Have a wonderful October ahead! ✨

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