journal #4 | in the chaos, breathe

hey there,

yes, I’m talking to you.

Do you ever feel this pressure to be productive every single waking hour? to never ever waste a minute of time? to do as much as you can possibly do in life?

I know I do. Whenever I finish whatever tasks are set out for today, I think that I must work ahead and start on the next day’s work instead of taking the time to decompress and relax.

I’ve slowly come to realize that it’s okay not to be productive all the time.

Let me share a story from last year. A combination of being overloading with too many classes and commitments, I burnt myself out spending all my time staying up to date with homework and being places and trying to be as productive as I possibly could. I ended up sleeping very late many nights and having very little time to relax the tiniest bit. I’m also convinced that I caught more colds due to these unholy hours of working.

Take some time to purposefully be quiet. Read a book, journal, or maybe just stare out the window at the changing landscape. Rest your mind and reflect. A quiet moment is all we need in the midst of the crazy and chaotic world.

I hope you, my readers, take some time this week to relax and rest – don’t be drawn in by the myth of constant productivity. It’s not healthy in already fast-paced world.

live creatively,


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