november summary

Welcome to my November Summary!

November passed by like the wind. At least it seemed like it did.

I took a few days off from school and work to enjoy my Thanksgiving holiday with my family. It was truly wonderful to rest from school and work before finals and take a breather. I hope you and your family had a good and safe Thanksgiving!


  • I voted for the first time! This was certainly an memorable first election to participate in…😕
  • I met with an academic counselor, sorted out all my classes, and planned for the next few years.
  • Four glorious days of Thanksgiving break was more than a highlight. It was so good to rest my mind before I took my finals.


  • I’m about 87 rows into the back panel of my sweater!
  • I designed my family’s Christmas cards, putting the skills I’ve been learning to work. I’m pleased to say that they look very professional.


  • FOOD
    • DINNER ROLLS are simply amazing. I made a batch from scratch for Thanksgiving and forgot how delightfully fluffy they are — absolutely sumptuous with Irish butter.
    • I’ve been slowly easing into the Christmas season by listening to the Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky. It brings back fond memories of time spent back stage and visits to San Francisco.
    • I just discovered that my library has electronic audio books and have been binge-listening whenever I can. I’m finished two BBC dramatizations of Miss Marple novels by Agatha Christie. I really enjoy a good British accent and Christie is a skillful weaver of mysteries.

live creatively,


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