october summary

Welcome to my October Summary! Yes, I know we’re more than two weeks into November.

Thankfully, there were significantly fewer wildfires nearby, thus, less smoke and healthier air! I spent most of the month working outside on our porch and soaking in the sunshine while plowing through precalculus homework or reading my marine biology textbook. I loved watching the people walk by, the squirrels most likely aim acorns at me, and the leaves change and fall away.

Now that the days are colder and the duvets and heaters are coming out, I can feel the transition to winter come upon us. I’m excited to start decorating for the holidays and I hope you’re having a wonderful November!


  • Inktober! I participated in the drawing challenge for the first time and made it out alive! I’m slowly uploading my sketches from then up to the blog, so subscribe and keep an eye out!
  • iOS 14 update I updated my phone to iOS 14 and had a blast designing aesthetic app icons. Would you be interested in getting a free pack of app icons? Reply to this email and let me know!
  • I went apple picking and had a lovely time among the fall foliage. I miss those delicious apple fritters and icy cold apple juice….
a lovely view i saw on our journey!


  • I successfully completed Inktober for first time ever! It was such a good experience. Being “forced” to draw every single day challenged my creativity and stretched my ability to think outside the box. I think that completing this drawing challenge also allowed me to get back to basics and understand the simplicity of pen and ink.
  • I’m planning to knit a sweater/cardigan! (I’m currently almost 30 rows in and I’ll be sharing pictures in the next summary!)


  • FOOD Does coffee count as food? I’ve been experimenting with various lattes and drinks for this season. Ahh, chai latte with oat milk is so warming and delicious. Also, matcha dalgona with coconut whipped cream is the best tropical thing.
  • MUSIC “I Think We Danced (But I Can’t Be Sure)” by Rand – This song feels like a modern hybrid of jazz classics and vintage love songs. You’ll love it.
  • READING After being number 75 in queue at the library for the whole summer, I finally got my hands on a copy of Atomic Habits by James Clear. I’m also rereading Little Women for the hundredth time – so many memories!
  • PODCAST BiblioFiles (by the Center for Lit) – This podcast is hosted by a family who teach literature classes. Their discussions are so witty, humorous, and uplifting, ranging from topics like children’s books and the adventure genre.

Congratulations on making it to the end of this post! I’ve created a special New Mexico inspired freebie for this month! It can be found in the Freebie Library! and if you haven’t subscribed yet, please do so! Here’s a sneak peek!

Have a lovely rest of November! Leave a comment! I’d love to hear about your adventures and exploits in October!

live creatively,


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