Summer Outfits I’ve Been Loving

Happy August 29th!

Summer is almost officially gone! Before it actually goes, I’ll share some of my favorite summer outfits.

Shall we, fellow fashion connoisseurs?


Outfit #1

  • Felina white (or black) skinny tank
  • Gold necklace with “G” pendant
  • Acid wash mom jeans from American Eagle (these are so comfortable)
  • This outfit is *retro* and would pop with a thick leather belt.
  • I wore this with a pair of beige converse low tops.





Outfit #2

  • Navy Blue “USS POSCO” loose long sleeve tee
  • Black New Balance athletic shorts
  • This outfit is easy and simple. Perfect for a day at the beach or the park!
  • I just discovered loose long sleeve tees this summer and how they are so comfortable to wear and layer.



Outfit # 3

  • IMG_5956Denim Short-alls
  • Linen blue and white stripe off the shoulder blouse
  • Isn’t this cute?
  • Great with my beige converse or navy blue Saltwater sandals.
  • I wore this to a friend’s outdoor graduation party and was comfortable enough to sit in the grass and run around (LOL).




Outfit # 4

  • A white peasant blouse with lace detail from Anthropologie
  • Dusty rose boyfriend chino shorts from Gap
  • It’s girly and playing-friendly!
  • great with sneakers or ballet flats.





That’s a wrap folks! I’m really going to miss summer fashion, activities…summer overall. My trusty summer essentials were: Saltwater sandals in navy blue; New Balance athletic shorts; Chicago Cubs baseball hat (thanks for letting me borrow it Dad!); insulated Camelbak waterbottle; and cheap sunglasses!

What were your summer essentials? Which outfit did you like best?

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12 thoughts on “Summer Outfits I’ve Been Loving

  1. Ok, WOW Gaby. These are super cute outfits and I’m jealous 😥 lol
    I especially love the first 2!!!
    I know I’m pretty late commenting on this, but based on the “Indian Summer” around here and how warm it’s been lately…… I think you might have some more opportunities for summer clothes! 😉

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