August Recap

Hello Folks!

Here’a recap of August!

Posts ( I posted 9 times)

Blog New 8/1/18
Roadtrip Essentials

The Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Pope
Summer Reading 2018


My Aesthetic
Back to School: Planner Stuff 2018-2019
First Blog Anniversary: Giveaway Winners

Summer Outfits I’ve Been Loving

Memorable Events

  • School started on August 27 and classes started
  • Summer ended 😭 *wahahaha*

Things I Did

  • I started a Contemporary Art History class.
  • I did some watercoloring (Would you like a peek at my sketchbooks?)
  • I blogged.
  • I enjoyed the last vestiges of freedom.
  • I started school planning.
  • I finished summer homework by reading Jason and the Argonauts in Latin, Deerslayer by James Fenimore Cooper, and The Nature of Things by Lucretius.
  • It was cold enough for me to wear jeans and sweatpants.
  • I went camping.


That’s a wrap August! See you next year!

gaby watercolor 3


12 thoughts on “August Recap

  1. OOoh!!!! I would love to see your sketchbook (I love looking at other people’s artwork XD). I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S SEPTEMBER AND SUMMER’S OVER *sighs* Until next year, Summer!!

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