HELP, SUMMER ENDED TOO SOON! | guest post by Katie F.


Is it just me, but does summer fly by way faster than it did before? Now I’m trying to sort through my email inbox (which I never really got to cleaning), gather my textbooks, read all my summer assignments, plus more–all while enjoying my last few moments before slavery, uh, I mean school.

So, say goodbye to summer and let’s go over a few back-to-school tips

  • SALES!
    • Stores seem to know this time of year. They seem to know precisely what school supplies you need, or don’t need. I just can’t resist those fresh, crisp notebooks and bright pens. Take advantage of these deals!
  • Get organized…and Stay Organized
    • This may be just as hard for you as it is for me. I have the best of intentions coupled with worst attempts. Use binders, notebooks, flashcards, sticky notes, or whatever works best for you. Bookshelves are a nice way to keep everything accessible. Try your best to keep your studying area, such as your desk, clean. A clean working area helps so much for motivation!
  • Know your Calendar
    • Sure there’s Google Calendar and Reminders, but you can always be old-fashioned like me and get an honest-to-goodness paper planner or even make your own. I suggest typing up a separate weekly schedule with your class times and extracurricular activities and tape it above your desk or inside your school locker. This just gives you a good picture of what your everyday school week will be like. You can save other events (like doctor’s appointments, school meeting, and performances) to write in your calendar, so you’re calendar won’t be stuffed with everyday activities. Trust me–when your school schedule is laid out before you, it’s far less intimidating!
  • Enjoy it!
    • Learning is a privilege and a blessing whether or not it feels like it. Appreciate every day of the school year because it preps you for adult life–learning to take responsibility, developing communication and leadership skills, and so much more. Remember, a lot of people worked to give you this privilege–don’t disregard it!

You survived last school year, so you can survive this school year! Go and conquer!

P.S. Congrats to those who recognized that I am not Gaby! It was an undeniable pleasure to write this post, and I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂





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Written by Katie F. (my longtime friend)

Here’s some facts about me–by Katie F.

-knew Gaby ever since 3rd grade-ish (same grade)

-studies Latin but is not as nerdy about it as Gaby

-plays and has been playing the violin for several years

-has beaten Gaby at a foot race (I want to have a plaque made.)

-has two little, mischievous dogs


When they were puppies!



-please don’t ask me to remember birthdays

-fashion sense, what fashion sense? Shorts and the most accessible T-shirt in my closet.

-baking–yes!–but don’t expect much success (I promise you it will be edible. Looks aren’t everything.)

-great sense of humor if you hadn’t noticed it already


P.P.S Photo credit of flowers (behind text) to my sister.

21 thoughts on “HELP, SUMMER ENDED TOO SOON! | guest post by Katie F.

  1. KATIEEEEEEEEEE! *doesn’t know how to tag you or anything so just puts your name in all caps*
    I totally agree. And summer is actually over now and I just bought the required stuff for AP Chem today 😥
    Let’s go slay this year!!! XD

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  2. Ooh, I was thinking, “This isn’t really Gaby’s writing style, but it’s nice….” Haha, then I found out it was Katie, and I was like, “Okayyy that makes sense.” LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    (I really dunno why I wrote in caps…)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Katie!
    Ha! I knew it wasn’t Gaby! 😛 Sweet post though! And yes, summer went by too soon. *sobs*
    Wait a minute though.. did you.. *gasp!* hack into Gaby’s blog?? O_O My charries did the same thing, lil sneaks! 😉


    1. MUAHAHAHA!!! GABY’S BLOG IS MINE!!! jk lol….She asked me to write a post, I wrote and sent it to her, and she posted it. sorry to disappoint XD

      Liked by 2 people

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