Road Trip Essentials

Hello folks and fellow travel enthusiasts!

Anytime during the year (except maybe heavy snow, heavy rain, bad storms, below zero weather) is a great time to take a short or long road trip!

Trips in the rain are great too! (I just love rain!)

I love road trips and exploring the country by car. From the comfort and convenience of your car, you can see and experience so many things. I’ve compiled a list of what I consider road trip essentials!

  • Camera (and an extra battery pack)–I love taking snapshots of the landscape and keeping memories for a lifetime.
  • IMG_9539.JPG
    I like taking photos in the car. It’s so lush!
  • Water–Staying hydrated is important to keep healthy and keeps your energy up.
  • Pillow–Pack just in case of a car nap and to keep comfortable.
  • Snacks–Ever get hungry (or bored)? I like finger food that’s tasty and not too crumbly: chips, nuts, pretzels, etc.
  • Candy–In the case of nausea, I like bringing chocolate, and some fruity flavored candy
  • Book(s)–I like to bring a good piece of fiction, preferably historical fiction, fantasy, or adventure.
  • Audio Book/Drama/Podcasts–Another way to keep entertained during a long drive. Listening allows you to look outside as well. I like bringing Adventures in Odyssey. My family recently brought Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer along on our last road trip. We all loved it!
  • Blanket/Jacket–Keep comfortable in case of intolerable AC and mimics a good environment for sleeping and relaxing.
  • Eye Mask–Another way to relax and shut the light out
  • Dressing comfortably–shorts, leggings, sweatpants… Dressing in layers is πŸ‘.
    • If you are taking a long drive to a hike, I suggest packing sandals or flip flops!

What are your road trip essentials?

Live creatively,



11 thoughts on “Road Trip Essentials

  1. I agree with all this! except for a few changes……….. no pillow (i rarely use that), no audio books (i can’t concentrate XD), and triple the candy but subtract the chocolate!!! πŸ˜‰

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