Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull

*This post contains spoilers* I found this series some years ago and just recently re-read the whole series. It's jam packed with fantasy, adventure, magic, and some romance. The 5 books follow Kendra and Seth Sorenson, two normal siblings, as they meet magic at Fablehaven, a secret magical preserve at which their Grandma and Grandpa … Continue reading Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull

Beauty by Robin McKinley

On a trip to my favorite local private library (it's located a lady's basement and she has the best books), this retelling of Beauty and the Beast was recommend to me. *SPOILERS AHEAD*   Plot: A family prospers in a city far away. I think this happens in Europe. A beautiful young lady and her … Continue reading Beauty by Robin McKinley

Tatting and A Trip to Lacis

Hi guys! I apologize for not posting sooner but I've been busy! I got to go to the Exploratorium and the Ferry Building in San Francisco last Friday. Yesterday, I returned to Lacis (here's an earlier post about Lacis) and got some more supplies. Are you preparing in any way for Thanksgiving break? I am, … Continue reading Tatting and A Trip to Lacis

Final Friday

Hey guys! Here's a continuation of my week posts (see Draft Thursdays). On Friday, I turn in assignment and finish all of my writing assignments. It's also the beginning of the weekend. So after I've edited and revised a million times, I gulp and turn it in. Bye bye to my beautiful piece of writing! … Continue reading Final Friday

DIY Marbling

Happy Monday and here's a tutorial! Here is another tutorial using stuff you should have at home. 🙂🎨 Materials needed: Shaving cream, food coloring, credit card, newspaper, cardstock, plastic ruler, paper towels Step 1. Prepare your work space. Spread the newspaper on your table about 3 layers thick or more. Step 2. Spray the shaving … Continue reading DIY Marbling