Final Friday

Hey guys!

Here’s a continuation of my week posts (see Draft Thursdays). On Friday, I turn in assignment and finish all of my writing assignments. It’s also the beginning of the weekend.

So after I’ve edited and revised a million times, I gulp and turn it in. Bye bye to my beautiful piece of writing! I surrender you to the scrutiny and criticism of the world!

There’s a weight lifted off your back when you click that button. Done, complete, finished. I also finish all my other homework. This Friday, I did a mega run with perseverance and endurance thru the slog of school. Last Friday I finished at 4:00 pm. The most recent Friday, I finished at 2:30 pm. VERY EARLY!!

It’s the beginning of the weekend. The two days before another cycle of school begins again. Oh well!

How does it fee after it? Exhilarated, relieved? I’m just glad to be done and over with it.

Well, that’s all my thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Final Friday

  1. Haha, I thought I had almost everything in common with you, but with these posts, I’m realizing how organized you are (compared to me)! 😛 I don’t edit my essays……or finish at 2:30 on Fridays. I usually finish pretty early though, which for me means around 11:30. xP


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