Draft Thursday

It’s “Draft Thursday” for me. You may ask, “What’s Draft Thursday? Is it related to football?” Sorry but no. Every Thursday, I write the drafts of writing assignments.

This last Thursday, I had to write an essay for AP US History, a Primary Document Analysis for the same class, a tweet in Latin for Latin 4, and a paragraph about John Locke’s Second Treatise on Civil Government for Great Books IV.

Blech!! So much thinking. What’s that quote?

“Labor omnia vincit”–Work conquers all.

Not that I hate thinking or writing. But in huge quantities? Umm… I’ll comment later. I do work hard and work alot like any person in high school.

What can I say about writing? I’ve found that writing long hand with a pen and paper works best for me. I can compose my thoughts much quicker on paper. Thing I gotta have for writing: a good pen (here I go again…I’ve been loving Paper Mate Flair pens and I switch colors alot to keep myself interested) and paper and a drink–right now hot tea, and music–currently listening to Owl City and Dallas String Quartet.

After I hand write my stuff, I type it. And edit…and revise…and edit…and get frustrated…you get the idea. (I also get hand cramps 😒)

Do I hate writing? No, I actually don’t. I enjoy it sometimes. But when one has a lot due, I don’t really. I get frustrated–to prevent this I often take breaks. Such as chatting online with my classmates about how much stuff we have due LOL… Or do some more homework LOL.

Well, I got my writing done. My drafts all typed and sort of edited. I ended after dinner…

Thursdays, such an anticipated day. I have the last class of the week (Latin 4). It’s the last full day of school before the weekend actually starts. It’s like Friday Eve!! Haha!

I do most of my work on Thursdays. I like working very very hard of Thursdays so I can end early on Friday. The Draft before the Final.

What’s your work week like?

Tell me!


3 thoughts on “Draft Thursday

  1. Thursday is the day of my last class of the week too!!! (Unless you count violin lol) I wish I could motivate myself to get a lot done on Thursdays as well, but I usually just end up doing things on the day they’re due xP Thanks for sharing!


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