journal #3 | summer heat

summer, noun, sum·​mer, the season between spring and autumn comprising in the northern hemisphere usually the months of June, July, and August or as reckoned astronomically extending from the June solstice to the September equinox So, thus, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines summer as a period in the calendar. But I believe that it is much, … Continue reading journal #3 | summer heat

thoughts on minimalism

minimalism, noun, a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicityMerriam-Webster Dictionary I suspect that you've heard of minimalism before, perhaps in social media, the blogosphere, or various articles. Minimalism and implementing it throughout one's life has become almost mainstream. Take a look at decluttering with … Continue reading thoughts on minimalism

Blog News 4/10/18: A Hiatus

Hello guys! I have some news... Announcing . . .*drumroll* . . .*drumroll grows*. . . A BLOGGING HIATUS!! Yes, I am joining other bloggers on a blogging hiatus. I have one last post coming out then *silence.* I'm going to focus on other things for time being. Don't worry! I'll be coming back in … Continue reading Blog News 4/10/18: A Hiatus

Favorite Art Mediums

Hi guys! What are your favorite art mediums? Do you have a stash of markers just for coloring? Today, I'll be going through two of my favorite art mediums and how I use them. I'll begin with watercolor! I LOVE watercolor. It has give you a variety of looks--gentle, bright, or muted. With a water … Continue reading Favorite Art Mediums

Blog News 2/24/18

Hello! Maybe you noticed that my blog looks different. . . Last week, I decided to completely redo the blog's appearance. I'm using the Colinear theme and I'm going minimalistic! Black and white are my main colors apart from a pop of blue and gray. I'm now at Bloglovin'. 🖤 Click the widget in the … Continue reading Blog News 2/24/18

Tunes of My Heart Blog Launch Tour

Hello there! Rebekah, one of my blogger friends is launching her personal blog. You may know her as Rebcake at Stuffie Adventures. She is holding a blog launch tour and I'm participating. I interviewed Rebekah and she interviewed me. 😂 Read on! What are your nicknames and how did you get them? Well, despite my … Continue reading Tunes of My Heart Blog Launch Tour

Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull

*This post contains spoilers* I found this series some years ago and just recently re-read the whole series. It's jam packed with fantasy, adventure, magic, and some romance. The 5 books follow Kendra and Seth Sorenson, two normal siblings, as they meet magic at Fablehaven, a secret magical preserve at which their Grandma and Grandpa … Continue reading Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull

Bloggers I Follow (and why you should check them out!)

Hi guys!! It's blogging time! Today, I'll be sharing which bloggers I follow and why. 1. Dawn Nicole Designs I've been following her the longest. Blogger behind is Dawn, living in Germany. She is a Tombow ambassador, Content includes: Cricut/Silhouette files and tutorials, lettering, watercolor, guest bloggers, Adobe Cloud tutorials, Procreate, and so much more... … Continue reading Bloggers I Follow (and why you should check them out!)