Favorite Art Mediums

Hi guys!

What are your favorite art mediums? Do you have a stash of markers just for coloring? Today, I’ll be going through two of my favorite art mediums and how I use them.

I’ll begin with watercolor!

I LOVE watercolor. It has give you a variety of looks–gentle, bright, or muted. With a water brush, I can use it for lettering. Below is a picture of black watercolor lettering with a watercolor-ed bicycle.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Here’s black watercolor.


I also like using watercolor to bring color to my fashion sketching. I sketched the girls using a black Micron Pigma 01 and 03.

Anyone want a dress for the Oscars? lol
I have a Windsor and Newton Cotman Brush Pen set. It’s small and compact. I even brought it during my trip to Olympic National Park.

I’m also using watercolor as ink for my dip pen set.


I LOVE MARKERS! I like makers alot. Maybe that’s an understatement *hehe.* I’ve used Rose Art, Crayola, Tombow, Ooly, generic, and others. What brand do I like? Hmm… Tombow is ultimately the best for brush lettering. If you want to save a little money or not buy any new markers, you can use broad tip markers.

A comparison of various brush markers.
Crayola Broad Tip markers and Tombow Dual Tips are best for big, bold lettering or coloring. Tombow Fudenoskes (hard and soft tip) are great for smaller projects. The Brilliant Brush Markers are horrible–the tips are not stiff enough. I don’t recommend them. They do have great brilliant colors and I most likely will use them for coloring.

I currently keep Tombow Fude brush markers in my pencil case. It beautifies class notes and bullet journals.

An example of Tombow Fude with a silver Sharpie
I recently discovered that Sharpie came out with permanent brush markers. The marker tip is comparable to Tombow Dual Tips.

Nice and bold!!
What are your favorite art mediums? Are you into markers as much as me?

Answer this poll: Favorite Art Mediums.



13 thoughts on “Favorite Art Mediums

  1. I love brush markers but I’d love to learn how to use watercolours – at the moment when I try watercolour I end up with a beautiful coloured blobs … 😂


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