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Rebekah, one of my blogger friends is launching her personal blog. You may know her as Rebcake at Stuffie Adventures. She is holding a blog launch tour and I’m participating. I interviewed Rebekah and she interviewed me. 😂 Read on!

What are your nicknames and how did you get them? Well, despite my name being Rebekah – one of those names with countless possible nicknames – I actually don’t have many. Bloggers do sometimes call me by my pseudonym Rebcake, however, and one of my teachers calls me Becky. 🙂 There’s also my Chinese nickname which my family uses!

Why do you blog and how long have you been blogging? I blog because I love everything about it, no kidding! Blogging is literally a combination of everything I enjoy: writing, photography, videography, crafting, graphic designing, and chatting with online friends! I *technically* started blogging in fall 2016 when I started a little blogging experiment just to see what it was like, but it doesn’t really count. 😛 I consider my official blogging beginning to be February 15, 2017, when I started Stuffie Adventures with my sister Elizabeth; my former personal blog began a few months afterwards.

Any blogging tips? It’s quality over quantity! I can’t stress how important this is; though you should definitely try to post as consistently as possible, make sure your posts are the best you can make it. 🙂 A few other tips is to have a nice design that won’t hurt your reader’s eyes and to connect with other bloggers to gain publicity.

What was the inspiration behind your blog name, Tunes of My Heart?  Well, one morning, I was writing a poem in my journal about “the song of my heart.” I actually really liked the poem, and I was thinking how cool it would be if there was a blog called “Song Of My Heart.” Fast forward a few months later, and I was considering revamping my former personal blog. I immediately knew Song Of My Heart would be perfect as my new blog name, but unfortunately it was already taken, so I went for the second alternative: Tunes Of My Heart!

What will you be blogging about at your new blog? Thoughts? My blog will be like me:P really random. 😀 I’ll mostly be blogging about writing by sharing some of my writing, posting writerly updates and articles, etc. But, I’ll also be writing posts revolving around photography, my life, and reflections/ponderings.

Who/what inspires you? Besides God 😉 Hmm, this is hard! Well, my parents, my older siblings, my friends, my teachers, historical characters/heroes/heroines, and the Bible. 🙂

Favorite color(s)? Light pink and gold, definitely! 

Favorite place to be (be it a room, park…)? I like a lot of places: the living room (where I multitask on my laptop…), the office room because that’s where my miniature studio is, and the music and art academy I go to on Saturdays. But really, my favorite place has to be the outdoors. I simply love nature, and being outside is so much more enjoyable for me than being anywhere inside. 😛

Do you love to travel? Where do you want to travel someday? Yes, in fact I do! I enjoy seeing new places and experiencing new things (I dislike routine). I really want to travel to Israel someday; my oldest sister went there once, and based on her text messages, it’s an awesome place. It’d be so cool to walk where Jesus walked, see all the ancient locations…and I absolutely love Mediterranean food.

Where is the farthest place you have gone from your home? Well, I was born in China (though I don’t remember being there since I was so young), and I guess that’s the farthest place I’ve ever been from home. Though technically, it was home at the time. XD

What do you want to do when you grow up? I dream of doing something related to digital arts: whether it be web designing, graphic designing, photography, or filmmaking! And being an author wouldn’t be a bad idea, either! Ultimately, I’ll just have to see if my interests shift over time. 😉

Do you like to letter? Does this mean handlettering or sending and getting letters? 😉 Well, I love BOTH! I have a couple of long-distance friends whom I enjoy writing to, and it makes my day whenever I get a reply from them. 😀

Here’s Rebekah’s interview with me!

1. When did you first begin blogging, and why? I began blogging in June 2017. I got my own domain in August. Why blogging? Hmm… I founded quaint & darling in 2013 and began to sell my own designs. This blog is out-flowing of my desire to share my art and thoughts; spread word of my business to the world; and share the Word.

2. What’s your biggest pet peeve? That’s hard, I’m not sure… I hate it when people mistreat books.

3. Name your top five favorite foods. Miso soup, rice, anything bread, chocolate, Korean BBQ

4. Do you consider yourself to be an introvert, ambivert, or extrovert? Ambivert, more on the introvert side though…

5. When you type the letter B into your web browser, what’s the first suggestion that comes up? Okay, I typed “B” in my browser…I was very amused by what I got. The first suggestion is, a lettering/artsy blogger I follow.

6. What do you mostly blog about? I blog about art! I post tutorials, tips, my photos, thoughts, book review, and random stuff. 🎨🎞🕶👗📕📔

7. Do you prefer sweet foods or savory foods? Sweet…but that doesn’t mean I don’t also like savory foods….

8. What are you most likely to be doing during your free time? I probably would be 1) reading some US history or fantasy book 2) drawing/sketching 3) getting my fingers covered in paint 4) eating (that was a long list).

9. What’s your biggest dream? I dream to be a designer (I’m not sure what exactly…interior design, fashion…) and to be a mother someday. I also want to teach eventually/homeschool.

10. Do you play an instrument? If so, which one? I’ve been playing the violin, for what, 8 or 9 years now. I used to play piano too 🎵🎶🎼🎹🎻

11. What inspires you to blog? Other bloggers, God, my family, nature…a trip to the museum, maybe even a drop-in ballet class. Sometimes I won’t post for a while if I’m not inspired.

12. What do you take pictures with? I use a Canon SD1200 IS and an iPhone 4. The Canon is a nice size for me to take along when I travel. 📱📷📸

13. What is your favorite Bible verse? 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18—Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check Rebekah out and follow her at Tunes of My Heart.

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