Tip Tuesday: Washi Tape Resist

Here the first ever Tip Tuesday! *drumroll please*

Do you ever want to try resist in your art such as revealing eye catching white space in watercolor or acrylic/oil paint? I love the big reveal! I’ve always wanted to try masking fluid but it’s so pricey. (P.S. If you don’t understand what resist and masking fluid is, head over to this link.) Spotlight on washi tape!

Washi tape is colorful, decorative, easy to remove yet hardy tape–very similar to masking tape. It’s often cheaper than masking fluid at 2 to 3 bucks a roll! I have purchased some rolls of the Scotch brand on sale for $0.10 a roll! šŸ˜ Over the my crafting career, I have collected a whole photo box of tape from different sources (IKEA (uh huh!), Staples, Orchard Garden Supply, Target…). Enough about my hoard of tape šŸ˜œ.

Let’s begin. Here’s what ya need: washi tape, wax paper or parchment, sharpie, scissors, your design.

1. Fold your paper like so.


2. Fold the flap back down about 1 cm from the original crease. Now there is a little flap.


3. Draw/trace your design with a sharpie that you would like to protect from paint. I want to hide some mountains so I’m free handing some curvy lines. (Yes, the paper changed! I used a smaller paper to demonstrate the fold technique) I drew the straight lines as reference.


4. Cover one side with overlapping washi tape strips. I have trimmed my paper to those straight lines.


5. Cut design out and place on work area. Go paint!

Here are point tall mountains done with the same technique.
Now the curvy mountains appear. I’ll paint the curvy white space, connecting with the brown rectangle underneath.

Try it out!!



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