The Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer


This an extremely popular series. Probably the one of the only series I’ve read while it was still in bookstores (I tend to prefer dead authors lol). It combines all the fairytales, written primarily by the Brothers Grimm, into one world.  The Fairy Godmother is friends and grew up with Mother Goose. All the Prince Charmings are actually brothers from one family.

Plot: The series’ main protagonists are brother and sister, twins (Conner and Alex Bailey) after their beloved father dies. They later find that their grandmother is the Fairy Godmother and she and their dad are really from the fairytale world.

The twins befriend princesses, Goldilocks, Red Riding Hood, and so many more. They battle epic villains: the Evil Queen (Snow White’s stepmother), witches, and dragons. They meet adventure head on. Both begin to mature and take on responsibility.

Their grandmother dies after fighting a dragon (she died of old age, not fighting the dragon). Alex assumes her position after apprentice-ing with her grandmother. The last book, as a flashback to their last adventure, begins with an elderly Connor Bailey.

Jack (and the Beanstalk) and Goldilocks marry and eventually having a baby. Red Riding Hood adopts the Lost Boys and promptly renames them.

My thoughts: I did like the positive way of teamwork and family. The writing is not par with say Jane Austen but that’s fine. I didn’t like the affirmation of LGBTQ in the last book (Conner’s son has a “husband.” It was written as though everyone approves and it’s totally normal. This could potentially influence kids in the wrong way.

Alex develops a crush on a farmer’s son from the fairytale then on Kind Arthur. Conner and a friend run away from a class trip in Europe. They didn’t respect nor tell authority. They did get punished.

This is full of magic; full of adventure. You just might get hooked! Perfect for relaxing and taking time off. If you want some deep, intellectual stuff, this is not it.




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