DIY Marbling

Happy Monday and here’s a tutorial!

Here is another tutorial using stuff you should have at home. πŸ™‚πŸŽ¨

Materials needed: Shaving cream, food coloring, credit card, newspaper, cardstock, plastic ruler, paper towels

Step 1. Prepare your work space. Spread the newspaper on your table about 3 layers thick or more.

Step 2. Spray the shaving cream into a rough rectangle the size of your card stock. Spread the cream into a smooth surface.

Step 4. Place 4-5 drops of food coloring on the cream. Swirl it around with a spoon, toothpick, credit card, or skewer.Β IMG_5016[1]

Step 5. Press the card stock onto the cream. Make sure to press all edges


Step 6. Remove paper (obviously). Scrape remaining cream off the card stock.Β IMG_5018[1]


Step 7. Wipe excess cream and hands with paper towels.

It’s okay…I guess
You might need to re-press the card stock into the cream several times.

Here’s some other papers I did with the same shaving cream:

Sorry that it’s blurry
Let me know if you did it!!




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