Brush Lettering

Hey guys! It’s me again.

Want to start brush lettering but don’t know how? If you haven’t done Faux Calligraphy, go ahead and check out the post. To do either, you need a rudimentary knowledge of cursive. If you don’t know how, I recommend using the D’Nealian or the Spencerian Method. I did the the D’Nealian method and now I doing the Spencerian method which is great!

To brush letter, you’ll need: paper, a brush pen (best brush pen to start with isΒ Tombow Fudenoske (comes in hard and soft tip)). I’m using normal printer paper and (what brush)

Step 1. Remember upstrokes and down-strokes? (insert photo) Practice thick down-strokes and thin upstrokes. Don’t be afraid to push down on the brush tip. 🎨


Step 2. Let’s do the letter “a,” a cursive letter “a.”


Remember to achieve downstrokes and maintain your marker, hold the tip at a 45 degree angle to the paper.

Step 3. Practice is the key to mastery (maybe I heard it somewhere 😊)


PRACTICE is the only advice I can give to getting better. I started brush lettering maybe a year and half ago.


Tell how you did!! and practice!




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