Tatting and A Trip to Lacis

Hi guys!

I apologize for not posting sooner but I’ve been busy! I got to go to the Exploratorium and the Ferry Building in San Francisco last Friday. Yesterday, I returned to Lacis (here’s an earlier post about Lacis) and got some more supplies.

Are you preparing in any way for Thanksgiving break? I am, that’s why I went to Lacis.

I got a ball of Lizbeth Size 10 Color 640 thread and a ball of Lizbeth Size 10 Color 606 thread. I needed another shuttle, so I got a Sunlit Sheer Sky shuttle. They are so pretty!!

Here are some photos:

A lovely steel gray

Almost a dark raspberry or dark mauve
My new “Sheer Sky” shuttle
My tatting supplies and whatnot
What hobbies are you guys finally doing this week?


P.S. Tomorrow is my sister’s bday so I gotta make a card now 😉

One thought on “Tatting and A Trip to Lacis

  1. That’s so cool!!! I still haven’t found any time for hobbies this week (still have French class and I’m catching up on other homework) but I hope I’ll find time soon!!!


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