Weekend Unwind

I’m writing this as I sit on a blanket at Limantour Beach in California with a Coconut LaCroix in hand.

Well, since it’s Columbus Day weekend, my family decided to drive to the beach for a day. It’s one of my favorite places (Beaches on the whole or the coast). The weather here is wonderful–sunny and windy.

It’s a place to unwind and relax. I mean, sure, you could do it at home, but I like it here. Waves crashing as background noise and a beautiful view. Unplugging and no Wi-Fi for a whole day allows you to take a break. Read a book.

I’m currently reading The World of George Washington by Genevieve Foster. I just finished another of her books, The World of Capt. John Smith. Her books are non-fiction but read like a historical fiction. Why so much American history? Blame my APUSH class.

Enough with the tangent! So how do I unwind? When I got on the actual beach, I began to read and snack on some coconut clusters. I was getting cold, so I huddled under a blanket and fell asleep in the tent. It’s important to have a mental break during each week no matter how small

I didn’t even think of deadlines, assignments, and homework. Most of the time I do think about that or finishing my work so I can do something else. I’m human, you know?

As I finish this in the car (you know going home), I wait for the next short trip and listen to Circe’s podcasts (click here).

Bye for now! Tell me how you unwind in the comments!



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