a recap of 2019 | future q & a


It’s the end of another year and the beginning of a whole new decade! 2019 was quite a year for me. There were so many milestones in my life and I think life became busier on the whole. Is it ever not busy 😆?

Let’s get on to the recap!

☼ Posts ( I posted a grand total of 19 times)

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☼ Things. . .

–I got my driver’s license! *FREEDOM and more responsibility*

–I finished yet another year of high school with AP exams and college classes.

–I traveled/went camping quite a few times. Sitting at the campfire, eating toasty smores, and listening to NEEDTOBREATHE is my favorite way to relax at camp. It’s always enjoyable to disconnect.

–I read about 75+ books this year, not counting all those graphic novels I’ve been enjoying *hehehe*.

–I got the chance to read my first ever ARC! Thank you so much to Abbie!

☼ 2019 Stats

–19 posts


–1064 visitors



–top two viewed posts are Homeschooled Music Human and Bullet Journal 2019 | Inspiration

–I have views from places from India to Ecuador, the UK to France.

☼ End of the Year Favorites

–Internet Resource: AmandaRachLee’s Youtube videos are so inspirational. I love watching other people bullet journal and seeing what techniques they use.

–Music: I have been listening to the score from CW’s the Flash because I’ve been bingeing that show and am almost done with season two. Such a good show! I’ve also been playing Two Steps from Hell in the background as I pound away at my essays. Who knew epic music would be so helpful? xD

–Art: still stuck on paper collages. so simple and so easy. I also enjoy using an old typewriter to type up words on scrap pieces of kraft and sticker paper and using them on penpal envelopes and bullet journal spreads. Very old school.

–Food: Peppermint dark chocolate squares from Ghiradelli and cheese sticks from Trader Joe’s. Chocolate makes any day better in my honest opinion.

☼ Future Q & A

I am planning to do a Q & A in honor of starting 2020. Leave your questions in the comments and I’ll try to answer them 😊

How was your 2019? What were some of your most memorable times?

as always,

live creatively,



5 thoughts on “a recap of 2019 | future q & a

  1. Awesome job on getting your driver’s license! 😍🙌🏼💚
    And oooooh Peppermint dark chocolate squares! Yes please!
    My questions for your Q&A is: what are some blog posts you’d love to write? What does your perfect day look like? What’s a weird food combination that you love?

    Liked by 1 person

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