Spring Recap | Current Life

Hello there!

It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me, hasn’t it? 😆

I’ve been living (or trying to) the full-on student life. Imagine tests, essays, research, reading, cramming, and barely sleeping. Mostly stress. Lots of stress and deadlines. But it hasn’t been a completely horrible time. I think I’ve grown and matured and experienced so much this year. A few AP exams, several college classes, and too many papers, I’m here and ready for a summer of blogging.


☼ Posts (Only three but they’re worth your time)

Homeschooled Music Human (by Avery, guest post)

February Recap

Flourishes, Fonts, and Florals: A Guide to Creating Beautiful Notes (Collab with Sydney)


☼ Things. . .

–I went to State Convention for JCL (Junior Classical League) and competed in certamen. Lots of fun hanging out with my friends, goofing off at the carnival games, academic tests and such, and did some studying too!

–I participated in Camp Nanowrimo in May and decided to do NaPoWriMo instead of novel writing (National Poetry Writing Month)–30 poems for 30 days. Probably not a great idea to do that in May but it was: fun, a good break from studying, and didn’t take too much time.

–I took the SAT and AP exams *whew*

–I traveled to Virginia, where the weather was surprisingly better than this heat in California *wipes the sweat off her brow*

–I started reading books for fun again, which never happens in the midst of cram season.

–I read my first ARC (advanced reader copy), 100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons!🔆 Congrats to Abbie for publishing her debut novel and be sure to keep a lookout for a book review!


☼ Current Favorites and New Discoveries

–Blog Resource: Unsplash.com Such a goldmine! I’m so astonished I didn’t find this sooner. Thousands of commercial licensed, high-quality photos! FOR FREE!!

–Music: Light On by Maggie Rogers (Willow City has a good cover of this that I love too!), Chlorine by Twenty One Pilots, and It’s Gonna Get Better by Stars Go Dim. I like listening to Lo-Fi and James Attanasio (instrumental) while studying.

–Art: Marian Bantjes is an amazing typographer and designer! She designs graphics centered around Valentines Day that are very sweet. ❤ I discovered as a part of my graphic design class.

Henna. is. so. cool. I tried it for the first time at a friend’s birthday party and enjoyed it so much. A little artsy touch 🤩

–Style: Bandanas and scarves in my hair. I just bought some at Madewell. Perfect for summer! Mom jeans for the win as well!

–Food: currently obsessed with Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop kettle corn and sauerkraut and as always, kombucha! I like GT’s Organic Gingerberry or Trilogy (lemon, raspberry, ginger) ❤


How was your spring? Did you take an AP class? Have you tried any of my favorites? Do we share any favorites?


as always,

live creatively ♡,



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