Hello, lovelies!

It’s another edition from the poet’s nook.

you don’t know–no, don’t try
it’s been rough
life has been rough
sometimes, i just want to cry
i feel like i’ve had enough
i don’t feel tough at all, despite what i say
on nothing can i rely?
every morning is a struggle
don’t say you didn’t know
you only saw a facade
a screen, a window
to look through only partly
but looking deeper,
you find a broken
and bruised, barely kept together
timid soul
no bravado, no flash
just a fellow struggling being
with struggles and problems

Do you ever feel like no one really understands what’s going on? Or what’s going on deep inside? Those questions inspired me to write that poem. Reach out, talk to someone!

Do you write poetry? Who is your favorite poet? Let’s chat!

gaby watercolor 3

5 thoughts on “confessions

  1. yesss, I feel misunderstood all the time. like people only see the outside me/have formed an opinion without really knowing me. especially thin-slicing, which I recently learned of. it’s the worst!
    your words ring so true gaby! keep writing, I would love to see more xx

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