Summer Plans


SUMMER! Let’s take a moment to remember the anticipation… Summer is here and I’m ready for the sun, the relaxation (or not), and all the free time. Here are my summer plans laid out in ten easy-to-understand bullet points for your enjoyment and inspiration.

✦ 1. make friendship bracelets

yellow and orange yarns

I just started learning how to make friendship bracelets (the knotted type that takes forever) and they’re beautiful and time consuming! I’m trying to experiment with my favorite colors (gray, teal, white, and blue) and different patterns. I’ve only tried the chevron stripe. Let me know if you know of any funky and easy patterns!


✦ 2. musical pursuits. . .


red no music no life signage


I’m going to try and learn guitar this summer–add another instrument, shall we? And there will definitely be time to just listen to music and chillax as they say in California. Another goal is to sing a few old love songs, like Fly Me to the Moon.


✦ 3. take classes at the local college

silver and black laptop computer


I just started Graphic Design and it’s good so far. There are so many good deisgners I never knew about and different principles.  That photo is accurate xD My self defense class is going to result in sore muscles, maybe it’ll also be muscle building?

✦ 4. hangout with friends

During the school year, we don’t “hangout.” We study together and freak out and cram and review some more. We’re planning to do something artsy, eat food, watch I Love Lucy (this is the best, funniest, crying-with-laughter-est TV show you can ever watch), and chat unapolagetically like weirdos.


✦ 5. read. like. a. crazy. person.


Let’s be honest. This book dragon is starved for her hoard of books. My summer tbr list includes a lot of fantasy, romance, and historical fiction…and maybe one or two non-fiction books as well. I had the chance to read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson and I. loved. her. style. of. writing. so, I have to read her other books this summer. I’m currently re-reading A Ring of Endless Light by Madeleine L’Engle and I’m blown away by how relatable and enjoyable it is.


✦ 6. sew something

My goal is to sew up some trendy scrunchies (to use) and a jumpsuit (to wear). It’s been a long while since I touched a sewing machine. Maybe I’ll share some pictures. . .


✦ 7. sketch and watercolor

flatlay photography of stuffs on white surface

I’ll be working on some design projects, such as logos and brand identity. One of my goals is to work on combining my floral sketches with my watercolors. I’ve been using Peggy Dean’s books on botanicals and Micro Pigma pens and Blackwing pencils to sketch.


✦ 8. work on my Etsy shop

Maybe? This might happen? I’ll work on making my products, polishing my design skills,  sewing and all that jazz. . .


✦ 9. write

I’m planning to participate in Camp Nano in July and hopefully finish my novel either then or by the end of the year. I’ll try to work on writing a few short stories and lots of poetry for sure ✎


✦ 10. bullet journal

My lovely layouts kind of got laid aside as I needed to study and cram and write more essays. Click here to see some of them. And I will show you my very much overdo 2019 bullet journal reveal…(here’s a clue: I’m using one I’ve been wanting for so long)


What are your plans for the summer? Any tips on friendship bracelet making?

Let’s chat in the comments!

live creatively,



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