February Recap

Hello Folks!

Here’s a (late but still here) recap of February!

Posts ( Check out these great posts, including a collab with the amazing Gracie and the Willow City band)

Planning for NaNoWriMo: The Experiences of a Newbie

broken: a prayer

Great Fantasy Authors

An Interview with Willow City (feat. Willow City, Gracie Marchiani)

Memorable Events

  • Carcer (Junior Classical League event)! (for the uninformed, I play competitive certamen which is similar to Latin jeopardy)
  • It rained alot. Even more than previous years. How I love the rain! 🌧☔⛈

Things I Did

  • Tutoring…
  • I drank lots of tea.
  • More school…isn’t the life of all students?
  • I discovered Lo-Fi. It’s amazing for studying and just chilling. I would compare it to jazz and electronic music.

February was decent. School = life again. And more chilly weather. And more rain 🤩.

Goodbye February! I’m glad to be done with you. Why does the shortest month feel like the longest?

gaby watercolor 3


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