broken: a prayer

Hello, lovelies!

I’m going to be sharing some poetry near and dear to my heart, for a special reason. I started writing poetry in 2017. The process has been very cathartic and relaxing. I get all my feelings out on paper. This is the first post in a new series called “from the poet’s nook.” I’m hoping to post more of my own writings soon. On to the poem!

broken: a prayer
form a silent stream
they reveal thoughts of one
behind a screen
a beating heart
mourning, breaking inside.
imminent failure
hovers nearby
She calls to her God
Help me, dear Lord!
Admits her deepest faults
and fears,
I’m imperfect, I know.
Guide me, strengthen me
Encourage me, God.
Give me words and
grace to move on.
All this I pray, Lord


Do you write poetry? Who is your favorite poet? Let’s chat!

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7 thoughts on “broken: a prayer

  1. This is such a great poem! I have actually been writing a lot of poem lately, I recently shared one on my blog called Some Day, also several about friendship, etc. 😀 Mine aren’t the best but it’s great to just write down you’re feelings!


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