This is the Electronic Age so We Must Embrace It! | a guest post by Kate J.

Hello friends!

Today, I’ve got a special treat for you. My classmate, Kate, wrote this genius piece of satire for our AP Lang class and I wanted to share it with all of you. But before we get to it, here are a few words about Kate!

      I’m Kate, a passionate writer in high school. I’m in my 3rd year of homeschooling, and I absolutely love it! I’ve grown so much as a learner, and the flexibility is always nice, too! My favorite subject has always been English, and I particularly have a soft spot for writing. I really enjoy writing creatively as opposed to more informative pieces and always love a good narrative or satirical story. I’ve become quite literature fanatic, and read books as often as I can! I love reading historical fiction/nonfiction and memoirs, and occasionally some fiction. My favorite books are Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody, The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, and Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne. Regarding my other interests, I’m super into sports, namely competitive tennis and college football. I play tennis for my school of zone’s varsity team and am an avid supporter of the Clemson University Tigers football team! I’m honored and humbled to be featured in this blog. Many thanks to Gaby!


Are you are a parent that aches for personal time? Or do you have children that are in constant need of stimulation? Perhaps you are just a kid who gets bored easily. The remedy for all three of these common issues in our daily lives is simple: electronics! These devices will be sure to keep you or your child entertained for hours on end. From iPads to cellphones to hand-held gaming systems, many kinds of electronics are located in stores everywhere for prices that fit your needs. Boredom is guaranteed to be eradicated, parents can get private time, and stimulation is endless!

Even though statistics say that electronics affect one’s attention span, learning abilities, and development, thousands of tips for effectively tackling those issues are easily accessible online. Think about how the widespread usage of electronic use has advanced the intelligence level of our communities. It’s teaching everyone to embrace the wonders of computer science! There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing a toddler manipulating something as complex as an Apple product. We’re teaching children of all ages to explore the greatest invention of the modern world.

For the parents reading this, I’m sure most of you lack personal time. No worries! Electronics are here to the rescue! Just put one in your child’s hand, and you are guaranteed quiet stimulation for hours. Forget about having to find and pay for a babysitter! Your child’s face will literally light up fluorescently with joy when he realizes he has access to hundreds of Apps where he can watch movies, play games, or take pictures. Electronic “babysitters” are a great way to teach your child how to be independent and be engaged in something without you.

For you kids out there, I’m sure you face boredom everyday. “Should I go outside? Or should I draw a picture?” You might be asking yourself. Problem solved; get on an electronic where the possibilities are limitless! Why play outside when you can play virtual baseball against a “super” computer? Why bother with buying art supplies when you can doodle on a free App? Better yet, electronics can bring you and your friends together. Your best pal can’t come over to your house today? No problem. You can spend hours texting him! Texting and FaceTime are both shaping our society’s social skills for the better. You can practically carry all your friends and family around in your pocket, and we owe it all to the wonder of an iPhone.

Electronics are enormous helpers in making people more efficient with their time. There’s no need for grocery shopping when you can order your food to your doorstep online. Why buy a book from Barnes and Noble, when virtually every piece of literature is on iBooks? Why pay a babysitter when an iPad keeps your toddler busy? Electronics are starting our world on a path of mass-productivity and higher ingenuity. This is the electronic age, so we must embrace it!

What do you think? Is satire a useful tool to bring emphasis to a certain point? Do your parents try to entertain younger siblings with electronics?

Anyway, I’d like to thank Kate for letting me post this here and I hope y’all enjoyed it!

live creatively,


7 thoughts on “This is the Electronic Age so We Must Embrace It! | a guest post by Kate J.

  1. Ooh this was so interesting. It really got me thinking! I thought for a moment that it was serious, but once I got that it was satire it made sense. 😂 I’m obviously not a big reader of this kind of writing! 😉
    Great job Kate! I loved reading this! 😄💗

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  2. I’m wondering when we completely lose all of our great writers to the brevity and informal digital age. Where the media cuts all our written news to 200 words, and books and libraries become a thing of the past; and then I think of homeschoolers reading Orwell and Lewis, and I become content again XD

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  3. I was concerned when I began reading this post as a completely serious post. Then I stopped and started reading it as sarcasm… and then I totally understood. XD What a great, funny, and sadly true post. My parents have never given me or my younger siblings electronics to keep us busy, and our whole family really dislikes seeing all the kids (and grown-ups!) out in public playing on their phones or iPads all the time. Its so sad. 😦

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