journal #2 | falling leaves

Hello friends,

Well, we’re fully knee-deep in the holiday season. I feel that it has snuck up so quickly and I can’t do anything about it but enjoy the moment.

Isn’t that life in a nutshell? We’ll never stop being busy, things won’t stop piling up. “Smell the roses,” as people often say. But the chaos of life also contributes to its beauty. We have been given one single life to live. The continually moving nature presents a problem: we can either spend our lives in regret of what we failed to do in the past or we can look to a brighter future, full of possibility.

One of my favorite quotes is “Chase your stars fool, life is short” (Atticus Poetry). We all dream. Are we willing to fight for them? Let’s make our lives doing what we love. I’ve been thinking about this. Why do we grind our teeth and suffer, pushing what we enjoy doing away because we feel guilty? I know that I myself feel guilty if I put down my homework to do a quick lettering exercise.

Try incorporating something that makes you happy within your day. It might be a quick workout, reading a chapter of your favorite novel, chatting on the phone with a loved one, or creating an ATC.

I had no idea what I would be writing today, but here it is. I challenge you to rethink your routine, your everyday life. Declutter.

live creatively,





7 thoughts on “journal #2 | falling leaves

  1. Hey Gaby! 👋🏼 it’s been a while since I read your blog, so I thought I’d come by. 😊 This was such a lovely thoughtful post! I love it when bloggers go with where their writing takes them, as opposed to sitting down with an idea and carrying it out. It’s really cool to see where the writing takes the author. 💓
    I’ve been thinking so much about how I can put this into practice in my life: allowing the past to be what it is, loving the moment, and being excited for and embracing the future. Things are always changing and I want to always be open to the way life happens, what I can learn, and the people I can connect with and inspire along the way! 🙂

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