HARPS #7: Free topic (collaboration Rebekah)

Hello fellow people! It's the last round of HARP's and I'm back with a collab! Looking for things to do this summer? Rebekah @ Tunes of My Heart and Stuffie Adventures and I have to save you. We'll discuss our summer plans...perhaps more inspiration for you, o reader? Here's five things I plan to do … Continue reading HARPS #7: Free topic (collaboration Rebekah)

HARPS #7: Poetry

  O Little Child O little child, Look up above to the one who made the skies and heaven above, to the one who made you and knows you by name-- you are unique and precious to Him. He who made the skies made the stars too and all that shines in the night sky. … Continue reading HARPS #7: Poetry

HARPS #7: Free topic (collaboration with Rachel)

Hello fellow people! For this last round of HARPS and for the fun of it, Rachel @ Wild Sketch and I decided to do a summer themed Q & A. Here's Rachel's questions for me: 1.   Is this your first blog? Yes! 2. Which blogger inspires you the most (other than me XD)? LOL, umm...*begs forgiveness … Continue reading HARPS #7: Free topic (collaboration with Rachel)

HARPS # 6: List your favorite

These are all my favorite things. Worthless to some, precious to me. ATC's decorated in various ways, challenge my brain. Do I have the courage to try something new?                         Keeping no idle hands, painting, lettering, writing, making music, it pleases me to no … Continue reading HARPS # 6: List your favorite

HARPS # 4: Your passion

Welcome to a passion of mine: ART! I love almost all kinds (except *pushes these out* modern art, such as a canvas painted blue that sells for millions, everyday item barely modified and "called" art, graffiti, and others) Lettering is a HUGE THING! I incorporate it into my notes, bullet journal, cards, and blogging. Thanks … Continue reading HARPS # 4: Your passion

HARPS # 3: Free Topic

Guess what? Are you guessing? IT'S MAY 4 AKA STAR WARS DAY! *Star Wars theme plays* I love Star Wars (sorry Star Trek) and it's getting better. I can't wait for the Solo movie  and Star Wars Episode IX to come out. What do you guys think of Kylo Ren? I'm very confused by his … Continue reading HARPS # 3: Free Topic