HARPS #7: Free topic (collaboration with Rachel)

Hello fellow people!

For this last round of HARPS and for the fun of it, Rachel @ Wild Sketch and I decided to do a summer themed Q & A.


Here’s Rachel’s questions for me:

1.   Is this your first blog? Yes!

2. Which blogger inspires you the most (other than me XD)? LOL, umm…*begs forgiveness from other lovely bloggers*  Rebekah @ Tunes of My Heart and Stuffie Adventures inspires me as a blogger. She was one of my first followers and has been very kind and friendly and supporting to me as I started blogging (her sister Elizabeth was my very wonderful classmate in APUSH.).

3.When did something start out badly for you but in the end, it was great? Hmm…*begins to search my mind* I can’t think of something big…how about a test experience. I was taking the SAT Biology Subject test last year. I was super nervous and almost got lost in the testing center. It was nerve racking since I had never been around (plus I always get frazzled trying to find my way around public/private schools). I ended up getting to the correct room and took a seat. It turned out to be not to bad. I felt prepared and I forgot all about it until I got that email about checking the score.

4. Favorite summer food combo? I love bubble tea and cookies and burgers.

5.What movie quotes do you use on all the time? Hmm..”may the force be with you” and “not all those who wander are lost” (I unconsciously used the word “wander” *wohoo*) not all who wander are lost.jpg

6. What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten? My mom once gave me this great fashion advice: You have to be confident in your oufit. If you want to wear it, wear it! It’s helped me when trying some vintage styled stuff.

7. Any advice to artists? PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! I practice a little everyday on my sketchbook, bullet journal, and my academic planner.

“I’m only human” (Human by Christian Perri)

Therefore, you can’t expect to pick up a new skill and be the best at it. YOU MUST PRACTICE to get anywhere.

8. What’s the last thing you drew? I drew a heart on a scrap piece of paper…messing around with art supplies.

9.What’s the most recent lie you said? (Be honest) Umm…I can’t remember (human nature has the habit of forgetting past sins)

10. Do you agree we should start a “modern art hate club”? YES, modern art needs to be hated!

Now head over to Wild Sketch to find out Rachel’s answers.

Did you learn something new about me? Have anything in common with me? Do you passionately hate modern art? Random question: do you like to automatically receive test results or prefer to forget about it until a month later?

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Team Bumblebee


HARP’s Point Total: 3 (per post) + 2 (Little Challenge: I posted on Friday!) + 2 (Little Challenge: Quote a song) + 2 (Little Challenge: Make your own meme) + 2 (2 per photo) = 11 points

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13 thoughts on “HARPS #7: Free topic (collaboration with Rachel)

  1. Fun interview! Gee I’m so sorry but I can’t accept words that are variations of the words “wander” or “automatic.” They HAVE to be the original words. I am SO sorry! Unless you change it, I won’t be counting that LC as part of your 13 points >.<


  2. wait wait back up. Did you just assume I am a PERSON!? how dare you =P

    seriously though, YES just give us our test scores please 😉


  3. Great post, Girls! Can you tell me what font you used for your web address at the bottom of your featured image? I love it!

    -Bekah ❤️


  4. *slowly claps hands*
    I had such a fun time answering he questions!! 🙂 (It was also my first Q&A)

    I would rather automatically receive test results, I hate when it takes a teacher 200 years to grade the tests!

    Liked by 1 person

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