HARPS # 6: List your favorite

These are all my favorite things.

Worthless to some,

precious to me.

ATC’s decorated

in various ways,

challenge my brain.

Do I have the courage

to try something new?















Keeping no idle hands,

painting, lettering,

writing, making music,

it pleases me to no end.









Traveling and sewing

are favorites too.

I made this canvas backpack myself and sewed patches from various places I’ve been.












Here they are joined

by traveling essentials:

a bandana (used everyday),

a Polaroid camera (capture fleeting moments)

a simple bag (to hold tiny treasures and essentials).

Favorite things

tell who you are,

symbolize your


Who are you truly?


That’s all and thanks for reading!

What do you bring when traveling? What are your hobbies?

signature 2


Team Bumblebee


HARP’s Point Total: 3 (per post) + 2 (Little Challenge) +  10 (2 per photo) = 15 points

Hosted by Starling

See the previous post here.

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