The Aesthetic Tag

I’ve been tagged by Carol @ Peeking Through A Kaleidoscope. I’ve been seeing this tag and can’t wait to try out. Thanks so much Carol!


  1. Thank the person that tagged you and leave a link to their blog.
  2. Add the picture above in your post.
  3. Leave a link to the original post.
  4. Create aesthetics for the 3 characters that the person who tagged you gives.
  5. Make sure to use your own aesthetics.
  6. Tag at least 3 other bloggers providing links to their blog.
  7. List your own set of characters for the people that you tagged.
  8. Have fun!


Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty aesthetic


Moana aesthetic

Collages made using Adobe Spark.

I had such fun making these! It was challenging to think beyond the Disney image.

My nominees: (no pressure if you can’t do the tag)

Rebekah @ Tunes of My Heart

Hope @ Spero Ergo Sum

Jo @ The Lens & The Hard Drive

Liz @ Home With the Hummingbirds

Lizzy @ Learning to Live: Struggling to Thrive

Brad @ Total Bradness

The characters:

Black Widow (Marvel)

Tiana (The Frog and the Princess)

The Incredibles (the Pixar movie)





18 thoughts on “The Aesthetic Tag

  1. Hey! This was neat! Thanks for nominating me! This shall be done in a tags post I’m working on. Really cute collages, by the way! -Jo

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    1. I had the same question. You take the characters I gave and form a collage of what they are (looks, favorite things, things that symbolized who they are). Does this help?

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