HARPS #1: Happiness

Happiness is raindrops on my nose

slowly landing with grace.

Happiness is being with family,

time spent well.

Happiness is hanging out with friends,

so dear and near.

Happiness is the joy

of knowing Christ.

Happiness is the little things

in my life,

like brush pens and dark chocolate.


Happiness is in the

brush stroke of a marker,

sharing gladness to all.

Happiness is contentment

after a delicious meal.

Happiness is in a good book


Happiness is a beautiful flower

after the rains.


Live creatively!


P.S. I’m back from my short hiatus!

Team Bumblebee


HARP’s Point Total: 3 (per post) + 2 (Little Challenge) + 4 (2 per photo) = 9 points

Hosted by Starling

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