10 Bullet Journal Tips: Collaboration with Hannah

Hi guys!

I have something special for you all today! Drum roll please. . . A collaboration with Hannah @ Crafts of All Seasons. Show her some love and follow her blog! 😁

We’ll be giving 10 tips about bullet journal-ling!

1. Washi tape
I love using washi tape to add pizzaz to any page. It’s simple, mess free, and easy. You can use it to make borders, block off an area or just add color. I like tape from Micheal’s and the Scotch Tap brand. (Some times washi tape is 10 cents on sale at Staples!πŸ›’)
Here’s April’s monthly. I used some starry tape from Paper Source and black tape from IKEA.
2. Experiment
A key thing when starting bullet journal-ling or even a when you’re an old pro is experimenting. Find what works best for you. Bullet journal-ling is all about keeping you organized and sane;-). Does a daily spread work better than a weekly spread? Do you need and/or use a habit trackers? Does a monthly help or hinder? Ask yourself these questions.
Example 1: A weekly spread with space for each day
Example 2: Another weekly spread, this time occupying only one page.
3. Start small
I often see gorgeous complicated spreads and illustrations. I’ll try it and get frustrated OR get frustrated since I don’t have all the supplies. I recommend starting small and using the supplies currently on hand. Try the bullet journal system with a half used notebook for example and see if it works for you. I started using the back half of my cheap sketchbook and then upgraded to a dot grid notebook from Molly and Rex. Check out my
4. Brush markers are a must!
Brush markers are a great way to embellish any plain piece of paper. I like these markers; Tombow Fudenoske and Tombow Dual Tips. (Want to start brush lettering? Start by doing this free four week basic drills by The Happy Ever Crafter. I just finished and it’s amazing! You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much your lettering has improved after 28 days of drills.)
Practicing my lettering with songs I like. . .
Here’s my lettered quote page. . .
5. Look for inspiration and find bloggers.
Find “vets” of the bullet journal and ask questions. Look for inspiration in other people’s spreads. Maybe you can find something that will work for you. Good websites: Boho Berry, the Official Bullet Journal, Tiny Ray of Sunshine. . .
Check out Hannah’s post for the next 5 tips here!
Live creatively!

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