HARPS # 2: Take a Tour

Today I’ll take you guys on a tour through time of my lettering and bullet journal journey.

I started lettering in January of 2017 with two Tombow Dual Tips and 3 Micro Pigma pens. Take a look at my work from back then.


It’s actually okay. My lettering isn’t very consistent and the difference between upstrokes and downstrokes isn’t huge.

I kept practicing everyday (still do) and looking up tutorials. I followed Dawn @ Dawn Nicole Designs and Torrie @ Fox and Hazel. Dawn’s worksheets helped me alot. I incorporated lettering in my school notes.

Here’s some recent lettering from this year.IMG_5605



This March and April, I completed Becca @ The Happy Ever Crafter’s free 4 weeks of drills. Practicing the basics have improved my lettering so much. I highly suggest signing up for Becca’s drills. She’ll answer any of your questions 😉

The same quote (on top) in 2017, (on bottom) in 2018. Such a difference!

Then I got introduced to bullet journal-ling by Kara @ Boho Berry. I started my first bullet journal in September 2017 at the back of my sketchbook. I practiced and experimented with spreads and getting with the flow.

I bought a dot grid notebook from Michael’s and began my first “real” bullet journal. You can see my 2018 Bullet Journal here. Don’t forget to check out my collab with Hannah on bullet journal tips.

Do you bullet journal or letter?

Live creatively!


P.S. What makes you happy? Does eating make you happy? How about doing some art?

Team Bumblebee


HARP’s Point Total: 3 (per post) + 2 (Little Challenge) + 10 (2 per photo) =  15 points

Hosted by Starling

See the previous post here.

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