2018 Bullet Journal

For 2018, I’m using a berry dot journal from Michael’s. It has 249 pages of dot grid glory! There is also a content form that could be substituted for the index.

I can’t wait to jump in!

Here’s the berry-licious cover

Hello 2018! Begin the new year with optimism!



Instead of the normal 6 month future log, I decided to add another spread to cover the whole year.


The month of January… I tried washi tape as the border for the first time. I think it looks pretty good. The icy teal polka dot, from Michael’s, works well for the chilly month.


I used two pages for the habit tracker. I sometimes do and sometimes don’t use a habit tracker. The brush lettering was done with a Tombow Fudenoske soft marker. The black washi tape is from IKEA.


The first week-ly in January is pretty spectacular! The pink and grey markers are Tombow ABT Dual tips. The blue lines were made from a Paper Mate Flair pen. All the lines were bordered by Micron 03 pen in black.

7 thoughts on “2018 Bullet Journal

  1. ooh i love all the designs! You’re so great at this!!!! I’m going to have to try bullet journaling sometime……. I just have to find the time…….. :\


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