HARPS # 4: Your passion

Welcome to a passion of mine: ART! I love almost all kinds (except *pushes these out* modern art, such as a canvas painted blue that sells for millions, everyday item barely modified and “called” art, graffiti, and others)

Lettering is a HUGE THING! I incorporate it into my notes, bullet journal, cards, and blogging. Thanks mom for making me do all those handwriting workbooks! I finished the D’Nealian books and decided to learn another style–Spencerian.

I also like to incorporate graphics and pictures with my lettering!


I also love to experiment with different types of sketching.

Fashion sketching
Geometric patterns
Decorated notebooks with paint and lettering and stencils inspire me during school time!




That’s all folks! Short post today…

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P.S. Check out Megan’s 4th blog anniversary and a giveaway here!!


Team Bumblebee


HARP’s Point Total: 3 (per post) + 2 (Little Challenge) + 14 (2 per photo) = 19 points

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See the previous post here.

26 thoughts on “HARPS # 4: Your passion

  1. I hate modern art too! I mean how could a canvas with a dot in the middle be worth $10000000000000000000000000000000? My cat could even do that!!
    I love the donut quote!!

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