HARPS # 4: Your passion

Welcome to a passion of mine: ART! I love almost all kinds (except *pushes these out* modern art, such as a canvas painted blue that sells for millions, everyday item barely modified and "called" art, graffiti, and others) Lettering is a HUGE THING! I incorporate it into my notes, bullet journal, cards, and blogging. Thanks … Continue reading HARPS # 4: Your passion

HARPS # 2: Take a Tour

Today I'll take you guys on a tour through time of my lettering and bullet journal journey. I started lettering in January of 2017 with two Tombow Dual Tips and 3 Micro Pigma pens. Take a look at my work from back then. It's actually okay. My lettering isn't very consistent and the difference between … Continue reading HARPS # 2: Take a Tour

DIY Painted Tin

Hi! Do you have a ton of old and empty mint/candy tins? Ever wonder what to do with them other than throw them out? I have a small collection and was wondering how to spruce the tins and make them artsy! Let's begin! You'll need: old metal tin acrylic paints (I'm using Jane Davenport Acrylic … Continue reading DIY Painted Tin