a day in my life

Hullo friends!

I thought it would fun to take you through a day in my life *SUMMER EDITION*, featuring my various routines.

I wake up around 7 am. Let me clarify. I will get out of bed by 7 something xD. I very much enjoy the chance to sleep in after the 6 am and earlier call times of the school year. I usually wake up to the sun filtering through my curtains and a slight breeze blowing through my window. I’ll leave the windows open to sanitize and refresh the air inside.

a lovely cloudy morning

After washing my face and changing into my workout clothes, I will do my morning devotional (I’m working through Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon) and read a chapter or two of whatever book I’m on (currently reading Missee Lee by Arthur  Ransome).

Breakfast time! I’ll start by brewing tea and then make some scrambled eggs with pepper jack cheese and red onions and mushrooms while the tea steeps. It’s just so delicious! I like to listen to a podcast during breakfast and learn something or listen to the most recent news.

After my sweaty 40 minute workout, I’ll shower and grab a cup of tea, or carbonated water before starting whatever I need to do on that day, which is usually me rushing to get ready before my tutoring session!

After saying goodbye to my student, I’ll be working on anything from writing a post for the blog, designing graphics, do a few mending projects, or experimenting with new designs. And, I’ll fit in some lunch sometime…and then more projects. And today, I chose to take a nap…because I just miss sleeping so much, to be honest.

beautifully sunny afternoon

Dinnertime! My sister and I will set up the table and do other chores before dinner is ready. After the whole family finishes eating whatever dish (it was an AMAZING Korean kimchi tofu stew tonight), we two sisters will clean up the kitchen. I like listening to podcasts while I wash the dishes and tidy up the countertops. (Curious about what I listen to? Check this post out.)

Chores done, I head back to the office and finish whatever projects I started earlier or do a mini-project I’ve been thinking about. I recently created a new sketchbook cover with a black paint marker (to be revealed soon!).

up at night writing another blog post…

Once the house starts to creak and the darkness gets a bit too creepy, I’ll head up run up the stairs to begin my nightly routine, which involves washing my face, applying creams and ointments, brushing my teeth, inserting my retainers, and changing into pajamas. I’ll climb into bed and read a teeny bit before actually sleeping.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my life!

What do your days look like during this semi-quarantined time? Do you have any routines? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to chat with you!

gaby watercolor 3

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