things to do in quarantine

Hello friends, It's such a sobering time. Everything is changing. Everyday events are disrupted. Try to see this period of self-isolation as a good thing (though, if you're homeschooler like me, you've probably had very minimal disruption with classes and this is your usual routine). Think about all the different projects that you've been putting … Continue reading things to do in quarantine

January Recap

Hello Folks! I'm back from my lovely and long hiatus! Taking a break is just what I needed. Here's a recap of December and January! Memorable Events I celebrated the holidays and got to take a break. I visited the vintage carousel and steam train in Tilden Park in Berkeley. I became older XD I … Continue reading January Recap

The Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Pope

Hiya! Today, I'm sharing a book I recently read (I'm actually reading fiction after an oppressive school year! (note: the workload was oppressive, that is, not the actual year)). I was browsing at the lovely private library and this book caught my eye while the synopsis grabbed my attention. Plot *spoilers ahead* Young orphaned Peggy … Continue reading The Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Pope