a 2020 spring recap


I think we can all agree that this spring was kind of crazy! I spent most of my time in self-isolation (still quarantining as I type this up), writing essays and taking tests. One highlight though was getting the extra time to focus on art and actually getting a chance to relax a bit more than usual.

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☼ Things

Here are a few lessons I have learned this spring:

1. Take life one day at a time.

2. Don’t fill your schedule too much.

3. Take time to unwind each day.

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☼  Favorites

Throughout this period of self-isolation, I’ve been sharing my weekly favorites in my email newsletters, so if you want to hear more, sign up for the newsletter! You also get access to the freebie library!

–Internet Resource: I have been really into travel videos. Maybe it’s a case of wanderlust during this period of quarantine? My favorite channel currently is Kara and Nate. I can’t wait to travel and try new foods when everything gets back to normal.

–Music: “Home to You” by Sigrid (from the film The Aeronauts) is such a beautiful, calming song! It almost fits this whole time perfectly in a sense.

–Art: I’ve been really into abstract art and jewelry lately. It’s forces you to take a different of objects when they’re reduced to their base essence.

–Food: Bubble tea in any form 🙂 whether I make it at home with coconut jelly or I buy it from my local tea shop. What’s your favorite flavor?


How did your spring go? What were your highlights in this strange time?


gaby watercolor 3


6 thoughts on “a 2020 spring recap

  1. Hey Gaby! Gosh spring of 2020 🤣 we had NO idea that it was gonna turn out like THAT. I’ve never tried bubble tea and I really want to now! 😂 what are your favorite flavors? I need some ideas and recommendations tehe

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    1. Hi Maggie! A completely unexpected time, I’d say! I really like earl grey milk tea, lychee tea, and grapefruit tea. I’d try sticking to something you know well, like a black tea or something fruit-flavored!

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